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Im young im in college early, I've actually written a novel (though it needs to be rewritten (in works)) and I'm headed on my way to being successful in life. Have a strong knack for vocabulary and I like Stephan King novels.

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As we all know there are certain movies that all of us flash fans have probably seen. A few artists have near star level of acknowledgement among the many that post their vids on Newgrounds, as well as other places. A few of these are easily noticable, Egoraptor, for instance, the creator of the Awesome series of videos. Kirbopher and Rita-chan for their Brawl Taunts videos, and several other artists are being followed and recognized, as well as criticized and made fun of, the two faces of the coin of popularity no matter how small.

That being said, these artists did earn their relative popularity. Egoraptor's Awesome series should have been a large inspiration to artists of Flash, even if the inspiration was just 'how to do slapstick comedy the right way'. Unfortunatly, several other people have tried to imitate these videos, and most of them failed miserably. For most of them it just seems that when they watched Egoraptor's videos they saw two things, Art Style and Noise. While I admit there is a distinctive Art Style in Egoraptor's Vids, and quite a lot of Noise as well, these aren't the two things that make his videos great. What makes Egoraptor's vids great is the quality of the writing, Egoraptor, no matter how many people might disagree (yes I can see the trolls poking their heads out now), is funny, and he is very creative and capable of writing not only funny things that make sense with his chosen area of parody, but he makes it relatable. He chooses the obvious, the things that everyone complains about in said video game. Yet there are people out there who see only the style of the vids and the noise, style and noise, and they think that with those two things they can come out and make something that is just as good as something Egoraptor does, or something that can at least parody what Egoraptor does, but then your faced with a question, How do you Parody a Parody?

To speak completely honestly, a parody is a comedic form of making something that seems stupid more stupid then it already is. Basically you dumb down the dumb stuff. When you parody a parody you are making stupid stupider, and what happens then is that you get something that, instead of coming out sounding well written and funny, you get something that is just what it is, stupid.

Overall the quality of admissions to Newgrounds have become increasingly decreased in the IQ department, it seems that anyone with a computer and half a brain (the wrong half I might add) can make and submit a flash video. And while most of this 'crap' never makes it into the viewing screen of mine or many other people's computers, every now and then it sneaks in and you remember, "There are lots of stupid people out there... and stupider people are laughing at it."

Now I bear in mind that the artist is mostly to blame, but what really suprises me is the fact that people look at these videos and laugh... laugh hard enough to give terrible terrible videos (Irodman anyone?) and make them pop up on the Newgrounds home page... misleading me into thinking this could generally be a funny video... but lo and behold I have been tricked again by the masses who have watched far too many stupid videos on Newgrounds and now believe this is the acceptable norm of funny.

Have people just forgotten their brains when they watch these videos? I'm not an enemy of stupid videos or stupid humor (to a point) but its with these types of thinking that things such as Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans make it to the movie theater and affect national audiences. And the worst part about all of this is that people honestly go in and come out feeling like they just had the time of their lives and that these were some of the funniest movies that they've seen in their life, and they truly believe that. Meanwhile the corporate big wig laughs and thinks of how it can tarnish Scary Movie's reputation even more... but now I'm just getting off subject.

Flash Videos have come to these regards, too many times I've clicked on a spoof of something that just made me smack myself in the forehead (apparently an experiment to see if I can kill enough brain cells to get a feeling close to enjoyment out of these terrible videos) and /facepalming all the way back to the 0 on the vote board. I used to come to Newgrounds for general enjoyment wondering what new funny things may have come out, but now that I see there's only people trying (and failing) to be funny on here nowadays I usually just wait until I see something that says Awesome in the Title before I even click on it.

Every now and then I find a good action flick but most of these are just kids playing with their action script (I get it, Mario vs. Sonic is epic... yay... it was epic 100,000 flash vids ago before you and all your alien replicated offspring decided it was the next big thing). I understand that you need to practice your action script so that eventually you can come up with something good, but that's like me trying to vomit out a shape that looks relatively around the form of Jesus on the cross, sure I'll have to practice some splatter patterns and let you look at it when I finally figure it out, but until I do I'm not going to force you to look at every single (eventually bloody) representation of vomit until I do. Same thing I don't want to see your every attempt at a single line of ActionScript until your break out masterpiece shows up. How about you just close that door and let me see what happens when you 'finish practicing'.

And yet I keep coming back, If I'm truly so disgusted with all of this masturbation of code on the front page (Tom you might wanna wipe that white stain off your lip there) then shouldn't I stop coming?

The answer is no, I shouldn't stop coming back and neither should you, and the people who make these flash vids shouldn't feel bad about posting them (yes you should) nor should they stop posting them and the reason is that every now and then you are going to come on here and there is going to be a Awesome movie by Egoraptor or a Prostitute Mickey, or maybe even a brand new There She Is, some masterful piece of flash that has actually used the gears inside its artists head and come out as a working piece of real humor or artistic expression (or maybe just a great action movie). And the reason that people shouldn't stop making their terrible parodies of the videos and such is because without them we wouldn't be able to realize how much of a great piece of work it really was and thus it would be less shiny among the golden eggs of our time.

They say for every low point there is a high point and hope that at this moment in time we are at the low point and can expect much more intelligently written stupid humor to come out on the Newgrounds front page in a while (and maybe make a better system for putting a flash video on the front page... like why in the hell is a video with 5/10 reviews and 2/5 rating on there?)